Researched & written by: Megan Carrico

Boeing just passed the 100-year milestone impacting the employees and community of Seattle, Washington. Over the years, Boeing has grown into the world’s largest aerospace company and the largest exporter in the United States. Today, Boeing is the largest private employer in Washington. The company has approximately 70,000 employees largely tied to the commercial aircraft unit, which makes Boeing 737, 747 and 767 airplanes.


A merger and headquarters relocation from Seattle to Chicago helped to create a culture shift and transformation of Boeing’s workforce. The workforce transformation can be boiled down to the following key factors:


  • Globalization

  • Outsourcing jobs

  • Union relationships

  • Employee loyalty


For the individual employee, it was the shift from, “I am a Boeing engineer” to “I’m an engineer that works at Boeing.” How does employee loyalty and engagement affect the bottom line? How does Boeing maintain a global work culture? What can we learn from their successes and failures over the years? We’ve seen national focus on manufacturing in Indianapolis with Carrier outsourcing jobs. What does this mean for Carrier – and other Indianapolis companies – long-term?

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