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Harvard Business School case study on CareerWise Colorado

A case study that provides an explanation of the Swiss system and the talent challenges the U.S. faces, including a comparison chart showing the Swiss system vs other systems.

Vocational and Professional Education Training in Switzerland

A succinct, yet comprehensive overview of the entire Swiss system.

Modern Apprenticeship for High School Students

A two-page overview of existing Indiana modern youth apprenticeship work.


Unit 1: Swiss Education System

Further reading on the Swiss system.

The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way

A book that analyzes and compares various national education systems to the American education system.

Co-creating High School Student Experiences (House Enrolled Act 1002 – 2023)

An overview of HEA 1002 which will be referenced during the CEMETS panel on Sunday, Sept. 17.

Special LEX edition of the  Indiana Business Review  from the Kelley School of Business

LEX delegates Jason Kloth and Stephanie Bothun at Ascend and Phil Powell at IU offer insight into how the Swiss apprenticeship system offers promise for the uplift of the Indianapolis workforce.

Indiana vs. Switzerland

A comparison of Indiana and Switzerland.

2023 Switzerland FDI Map

A map showing the Indiana counties with one or more Switzerland establishments.

2023 Switzerland Trade Stats


Katie Caves, economist in Switzerland

Caves introduces the Swiss structure, the impact, and the similarities between Switzerland and the States.


August 10 Pre-Trip Luncheon and Fireside Chat

Hear information on important trip logistics and take a deeper dive into this year's content.

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